Results 2017



  1. Deni A[riyani

  2. Naive Gascon

  3. Fitridiyah

Special Thanks to our Translators:

  • From Bahasa Indonesia by Azahar Ahmad Nizar

  • From Tagalog and Visayas by Shane Carreon and Shivaji Das

  • From Mandarin by Yolanda Yu 

  • From Bengali by Anindita Dasgupta and Shivaji Das

  • From Tamil by Sabrina Dawson, Geetha Abhaykumar and Gopika Jadeja

The Migrant Worker Poetry Contest Organizing Committee comprises of a group of volunteers: Shivaji Das, Vishal Daryanomel, Gopika Jadeja, Noreen, Ting Mak Yu, Rolinda Onates Espanola, Ohim Rohimah, Yolanda Yu, AKM Mohsin, and Abhineet Kaul.

© 2019 by Abhineet Kaul

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