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Shortlisted Poets - 2019

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My name is Siti Yuliatun. I am from Indonesia central Java, I have been work in Singapore since April 2011.

 I am working as a special caregiver, I love reading books and social media as well in my free times. I like to write, especially poems as my expression feeling, normally my idea comes from what happens around me and my own experience, I do write for my mental peace also, as I am far from my beloved family. My poem was one of 20 shortlisted Migrant worker poetry competition in 2017.


I contributed to poem anthologies in Malay and Indonesia languages.

For your sake

For the sake of a spoon of rice

For a sip of water

For the sake of the earth that I lived in

My body was touched

Poor sweat flow

My bones feel broken

But my feet didn't waver


I ask

At thatch on the edge of the road

Where is the angel?

Which is said to protect me

But thatch remained silent

I shouted at the waves

"I am tired, God...."

The waves rolled up my voice

Throwing it into the middle of the ocean

Then burnt to the reef


Ancestors' scales

Drop off me in my daydream

He said

"Women are born to love"

But I was far wasted

For the sake of scavenging dreams

I prostituted myself

Not to be laid

But squeezed in energy and heart


A slice of bread for the day

A sip of throat wetting coffee

According to the direction of the index finger

Screeches become songs

Curse complementary rhythm

"Then what should i do?"

I asked the passing lizard

"Just obey what they want"

Answer the fly that perched on the ear

The clock on the wall crept slowly

Just like me who is waiting for time

When will I return to Motherland?

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