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Shortlisted Poets - 2018

1. Ripon.png


Ripon’s place of birth is the beautiful Chittagong. He has been working in Singapore since 2010 at Shipyard as a QC. He is an online activist and blogger. He also loves to write and that is why he writes more about contemporary issues, social, political and religious mischief. During his stay in Bangladesh, he used to write short stories, rhymes, poems. Many of these were published in little magazines and various newspapers. He writes mainly for conscience. He also has some small hobbies, reading books is one of them! And he also likes to chit-chat with friends. He believes that one day this world will be for humans.

The Unnatural Death of the Poem

I lament the whole day to write a poem

For the whole day words keep going to-and-fro

But I do not have a pen, a paper near me

I have hammer, rump, spade and chisel in my hand

Whatever can be done with these, at least poems cannot be written


The words of the verses of the poem is not under my will

They keep moving according to their whims

I want to scream and say

This time is not allotted for poem

I have sold this time to the livelihood


I have reached the final chapter of life

I don’t get scared by the rolling eyes of life

I have seen many ups and downs in front of eyes

I don’t want to see anything more in this one life


I have seen life being saved from death within a small gap

I have seen people becoming disabled in the accidents of the workplaces

I have seen everything except for my own death


Now it’s my time to see the life

I want to see the lovely face of that beloved

I want to see my child growing up

I want to see the moonlight in a night of full moon

I want to prevent the unnatural death of the poem

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