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Shortlisted Poets - 2017

Menik Sri Bandar / Meikhan Sri Bandar

Menik is from Batang, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia.  She is known as a vocalist, especially in Dangdut Music Arrangements. In early 2003, she came to Singapore as a Migrant Worker. But art is still flowing in her blood. She longs for the world of voices, singing songs, spurring to participate whenever there is a chances, participating and winning in Karaoke contests held in Singapore.

She wrote a short story titled Disaat Cinta Berbunga, "When Love is Flowering," that was selected for publication in the anthology CSR ''Cinta  Sejuta  Rasa."  She was chosen as a finalist in the Migrant Poetry Competition 2016

Her Motto is: Menjadi diri sendiriberani mencobatidak takut gagal, tetap Semangat.!

"Be myself, Dare to try, and be not afraid to fail, Keep the Spirit!"

  • From Bahasa Indonesia by Azahar Ahmad Nizar

  • From Tagalog and Visayas by Shane Carreon and Shivaji Das

  • From Mandarin by Yolanda Yu

  • From Bengali by Anindita Dasgupta and Shivaji Das

  • From Tamil by Sabrina Dawson, Geetha Abhaykumar and Gopika Jadeja

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