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Shortlisted Poets and their work - 2016

Edna Pilapil Manatad

Before Edna came to Singapore, she worked as a Vice- General Manager in Well done job Incorporated - a manpower agency.

Since secondary school, Edna has been started writing poetry. But she couldn’t follow her passion due to the economic reasons. But it’s always been in her heart to write poems. She has also written a few short novels when she was in Secondary School. Edna loves to learn new things as she believes that learning is key to escape ignorance.


Across the seas, I have a home

Too far to reach, too close to forget

A place where I find genuine comfort

A place far better than the rest of the world


But then I have to bid my farewell

Say my goodbyes without shedding tears

Leave those who are dear to me

For a better life, for the future I see


Now, I am in the land of the lion's head

Searching for grace, counting the days

Fearing that at the end of my plea

All my struggles will be nothing but history

Yes, I long for that place I call home

Too far to reach, too close to forget

The road back there, I shall once heed

For at the end of my journey, there shall I rest


Towards that home that's dear to me

The sail of my boat, I shall aim one of these days

Going beyond the horizon that limits my sight

On a plight far treacherous than the Odyssey


Yes, there is a home that's so dear to me

Too far to reach, too close to forget

A place that bears all of my past

A place I longed for my future to start


And as I close my eyes from the shenanigans of today

All I hope is a tomorrow where I can be

Towards the home I long to see

Towards that dream that seems to be of infinity.

  • From Bahasa Indonesia by Azahar Ahmad Nizar

  • From Tagalog and Visayas by Shane Carreon and Shivaji Das

  • From Mandarin by Yolanda Yu

  • From Bengali by Anindita Dasgupta and Shivaji Das

  • From Tamil by Sabrina Dawson, Geetha Abhaykumar and Gopika Jadeja

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