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About the Judges


Liu Xiaoyi is the Artistic Director of Emergency Stairs (避難階段). A committed practitioner with a desire to push artistic boundaries, he is regarded as a promising figure at the forefront of the experimental theatre scene in Asia. Xiaoyi received the Young Artist Award awarded by the National Arts Council of Singapore in 2016.

A multi-faceted and multi-talented artist, Xiaoyi was involved in over 70 theatre productions as director, playwright, and actor over the past two decades. On stage, he is considered one of the most acclaimed male actors from the Singapore theatre scene; as a playwright, he has penned more than 40 plays and is one of the nation’s most prolific playwrights; as a director, the cornerstones of Xiaoyi’s oft lauded but controversial work are unsurprisingly experimentation, introspection, and poetry.

In addition to theatre creation, Xiaoyi is also an award-winning Chinese-language writer and poet.


Dr. Shane Carreon is a poet, writer, translator, and scholar. He is a recipient of numerous awards including a Fulbright Fellowship and the Academy of American Poets Prize. He is an Associate Professor at the University of the Philippines.


Prof.(Retd.) Rebecca Haque is a Poet, Writer, Translator, Editor, and Academic Resource Person. She is affiliated with the Asia- Pacific Writers & Translators Association ( #APWT) and with New York Writers Workshop (#NYWW). In 1980 she was awarded a Gold Medal for attaining the First Class First position in MA  Literature ( Univ. of Dhaka), and was a Killam Scholar at Dalhousie  U., Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, 1990-91. She was Chairperson, Dept of English, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2009-12. Her published books are WOMEN, GENDER, AND LITERATURE ( 2003), COMMENCEMENT POEMS AND OCCASIONAL ESSAYS (2003, 2nd Ed. 2009), and [Co-Edited] HEMINGWAY: A CENTENARY TRIBUTE ( 2007).


Looi Siew Teip has been teaching English literature at the University of Malaya.  He currently also teaches the guqin and has previously worked as a journalist and music critic in Singapore. Outside of his current professional interest in English poetry and medieval English, he also takes a keen interest in environmental issues and Taoist philosophy and practice.

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